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About BK

About Bishop Kenny

Bishop Kenny High School has served the young people of northeast Florida for more than sixty years.  Since its founding in 1952, Bishop Kenny has earned a proud reputation not only for academic excellence and a winning athletic program, but also for the many ways that Bishop Kenny students reach out in service to the community. We are proud of our history and traditions but more importantly, we celebrate our commitment to the Gospel values that are the cornerstone of all that happens on our campus each day.  

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Bishop Kenny High School
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Jacksonville, FL 32207
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The location of Bishop Kenny High School was once the site of Fort San Nicholas, a Spanish fortress (1740-1817).  The property also served as a shipyard during World War I.  After coming into the hands of the Diocese of St. Augustine, it was determined that it would be the ideal site for a Catholic High School designed to serve approximately 400 students from Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  In 1952, Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley, with the help of the Catholic Community in Jacksonville, initiated the consolidation of three Catholic high schools to form one diocesan high school.

The doors to Jacksonville’s newly constructed Central Catholic High School opened on September 3, 1952.  The school was renamed and rededicated later in that same school year in honor of Bishop William J. Kenny, the first American-born bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine. The original school, which consisted of an administration building, a classroom wing, and locker room facilities, located adjacent to the present gymnasium was built at a cost of $782,500.    The boys attended classes on the first floor of the 200 building and the girls occupied the second floor.

Sisters of Saint Joseph
Any history of Bishop Kenny High School would be incomplete without recognizing the significant contributions made to the school by the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  Seventy-five Sisters of Saint Joseph served as teachers and administrators at Bishop Kenny between 1952 and 2013. Five of Bishop Kenny’s eleven principals were Sisters of St. Joseph.  In 2013, a statue of St. Joseph was dedicated to the Sisters who have served our school.  At the dedication ceremony BK President Rev. Michael Houle addressed Sr. Jane Stoecker, SSJ, General Superior of the congregation and other assembled guests:

Sister Jane, to you and the many Sisters of your community who have served here for six decades, since this school’s founding, we are grateful to you and give thanks to God not only for the Sisters’ dedication and service, but also for the mark each one has left on the school and its students and its mission – but even more importantly, how your community has set God’s own seal upon this school, its mission, and its future – a seal that will guide it forevermore.  I believe strongly that those people and places where God has sent his religious, whether for a short while or a long time, that those people and places have been extraordinarily blessed.  Those people and places have had in their midst, sent from God, religious who because of their vows and the example of their consecrated lives have taught them the most important of life’s lessons – how to lead this life with hearts, eyes, and minds firmly set on the life of the world to come.
63 Years Later – A Snapshot of Bishop Kenny High School
Today there are 14,788 graduates of Bishop Kenny High School.  Our alumni live in virtually every state in the union and in countries all over the world.  A large majority of graduates remain in Jacksonville and many choose BK for their children’s high school education.  This year alone nearly 200 of our students come from second or even third generation BK families.  

Our Vision Statement reads:
Bishop Kenny graduates will be persons of integrity, grounded by the lessons learned in our faith-based environment.  They will be responsible decision-makers equipped with 21st century skills that will enable them to face the challenges of life.

After the school day ends, our students are still in action.  The boys’ and girls’ Crusader athletic teams are always competitive and it is not unusual for them to bring home any number of district, regional, or even state championships each year.   The Campus Ministry program is a lively and important part of campus life helping encourage and coordinate our Christian Service Program which results in an estimated 50,000 hours of community service completed annually.  Our students reach out to every corner of the community and make a difference in the lives of the people who live there.   
Bishop Kenny High School has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since its founding.   Each year 99% of Bishop Kenny graduates go on to college armed with millions of dollars in scholarships and, in surveys, our alumni rate their preparation for college as excellent.  

Campus Growth
Since 1952 the Bishop Kenny facilities have grown to accommodate a steadily increasing student population, an expanded curriculum, and an award-winning athletic program.  The following is an overview of many of the improvements and additions that have been made to the BK campus over the past 63 years.  

1952    Central Catholic High School Opens in September
1953    Central Catholic renamed BKHS in January 1953    
1953    A library addition and cafetorium are completed
1960    Girls’ school is completed (First two wings)
1962    Gymnasium completed (later re-named John Baldwin Athletic Center)
1964    Third wing of the girls’ school completed
1973    William Johnston Football Stadium opens
1978    Tennis Courts added to athletic facilities
1984    First of three cafeteria expansion projects completed
1986    BK library renamed Demetree Library after significant renovations are
1986    Baseball field added to athletic facilities
1988    Softball field added to athletic facilities
1992    Fine Arts (300) Building is added to campus
1992    BK Gymnasium renamed John Baldwin Athletic Center
1992    St. Joseph Shrine added to 200 building courtyard
1994    All original lockers replaced with full length red lockers
1995    Shrine to Blessed Virgin Mary added to 400 building walkway
1995    Second of three cafeteria expansion projects completed
1996    Buildings 400 and 500 are added to campus
1996    Shrine to Sacred Heart of Jesus added on lawn behind Demetree Library
1997    Bishop Paul F. Tanner Chapel is added to campus
1997    200 building office addition complete
1998    St. Francis Shrine added outside of Paul F. Tanner Chapel
1999    Four classrooms added to 100 Building
1999    Elevator added to100 Building
1999    Shrine to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton added to 100 Building courtyard
2001    Campus Ministry Center added to campus
2002    John Baldwin Athletic Center air-conditioning project completed
2002    Statue of St. Catherine Drexel - A gift from the Diocese of St. Augustine on
               the occasion of BK’s 50th Anniversary
2003    Kitchen renovation and expansion project complete
2003    Original boys’ locker room air-conditioning project complete
2003    Roger Strickland Field House completed
2006    Building 600 completed
2006    Statue of the Good Shepherd added to 600 building courtyard
2007    Sculpture of The Last Supper added to cafeteria
2007    All windows in original classroom buildings are replaced
2008    Pedestrian plaza completed (all underground utilities upgraded)
2008    State-of-the-art expanded weight room replaces existing weight room
2009    BK football field renamed J. Joseph Parete Field
2009    Statue of St. Paul dedicated in honor of Bishop Victor Galeone. Located at
               main entrance to school
2010    Statue of St. Sebastian dedicated at athletic complex
2011    Carla Harris Performing Arts Center and 3rd of three cafeteria expansions
2011    Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary dedicated in honor of the 41-year career
               of Maria Perez Randle
2011    Class of 2011 erects permanent Cross at William Johnston Stadium as gift
               to the school
2013    Dedication of Statue of St. Joseph to the Sisters of St. Joseph
2014    Demetree Learning Commons replaces Demetree Library
2014    Football Stadium Renovations including new press box, restroom,
               concession and gathering facilities open
2014    Student Art Gallery Opens
2014    Main Office Lobby redesigned and renovated
2014    Statue of St. Augustine dedicated in honor of Bishop Felipe Estévez to
               commemorate the 450th anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine