6 Year Study

6-Year Study

Bishop Kenny High School is currently conducting a six year study of The Class of 2007.

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Transcript Evaluations by other Agenices

State Universities, Florida Bright Futures, and NCAA will recalculate a student’s GPA according to their own requirements.  Currently (as of July 2015), these agencies use the following:

Students should complete a minimum of 18 units of high school work in the five core areas listed below.  State Universities add one-half additional point per Honors course and one additional point per AP course.

English  4 units (3 with substantial writing)
Mathematics 4 units - Algebra 1 and above
Natural Science 3 units (2 with substantial lab)
Social Science 3 units
World Language 2 units (in the same language)
Academic Electives 2 units     

Level 2 Fine Arts and up to two units of ROTC may be included in the 18 units but will not be calculated with the core GPA. 
English   4 units (with substantial writing requirements)
Mathematics 4 units - Algebra 1 and above
Natural Science  3 units (2 with substantial lab)
Social Science  3 units
World Language  2 units (same language)

Bright Futures adds one-half additional point per Honors/A.P. course except foreign language
 * May use up to 2 additional units from courses in the academic areas listed above and/or A.P. Fine Arts courses to raise GPA
English  4 units
Mathematics  3 units (Algebra 1, Geometry or higher)
Natural Science  2 units (1 with lab)
Social Science  2 units
Additional English, Math or Natural Science  1 unit
Additional Academic Courses              4 units (from same categories or world language)