From the Principal

Dear Friends,

Each year, during pre-planning, I share with the faculty and staff a vision or theme for the upcoming school year.  This year’s theme can be summed up in three words, Faith, Focus, and Health.  First and foremost, I challenge our entire school community to make it a priority to model their faith; not just at church, but on campus and in the community.  I look forward to all of the imaginative ways that our teachers and campus ministers will employ to remind us that kindness, service, or simply listening to one another, are examples of modeling faith.  Focus, because our security and well-being are enhanced when we are aware of one another and what is happening on our campus and surroundings. The third prong of this three-fold theme is Health, because we can all be better educated to recognize the potential mental and physical challenges of those who could compromise the well-being of themselves and our school community.

Principal of Bishop Kenny Todd Orlando

The path to putting these three simple words into action requires perseverance and continuing education. Our faculty and staff will receive this education at pre-planning and on in-service days throughout the coming year; an evening program for parents on the topic of mental health will also be announced soon.  I encourage all of our parents to take advantage of this speaker and the valuable information that will be shared at this program

This year marks the third year of an ambitious 5-year Strategic Plan implemented in the 2017-2018 school year. The plan continues to serve as an roadmap for annual and long range institutional planning.  Much has been accomplished in these first two years of the plan and there is still much more ahead.  In January we will share a report of our progress at the midpoint; as we evaluate what has been completed, what is in a partial phase of completion, and what has not yet been tackled.  I look forward to sharing this with you.

It was a busy summer with ongoing campus improvements including the completion of the renovations made to the restrooms in the gym, an entire refresh of the cafeteria dining area, major enhancements to campus security, a new website, and the installation of a new phone system.  I applaud our maintenance and housekeeping staff for keeping up with the demands of this 55-acre campus.  They take great pride in their work!  I am happy to report that the Office of Admissions has also been a very busy place, resulting in an enrollment of 1271 and our largest freshman class in recent memory. We welcome all of these new Crusaders to BK!

I look forward to seeing all of you at one of our numerous campus events in this our 68th year of service to the young people of Jacksonville.

We are Bishop Kenny. You belong here.


Todd Orlando Signature
Todd M. Orlando