From the Principal

Principal Todd Orlando

Dear BK Family,

As we begin our 71st year, we warmly welcome all students, families, and staff back to campus for the 2022-2023 school year.  This year, I would like us to reflect on what it means to have the spirit of a Crusader. What does it truly mean to belong to this BK community and how are we all living the spirit of a Crusader daily?  

In order to uphold our values of tradition, excellence, and faith, we must live in prayer, service, family, and academic scholarship - on campus and beyond.  We must live BK’s mission and vision that, above all else, point us to Christ. I challenge us to profess this spirit with renewed energy this year. 

I would like to share with you two new initiatives to compliment our existing academic program. The first is Paper, an online 24/7 tutoring service that has been made available to all students at no additional cost for this school year through a one-year grant opportunity. The second initiative is the addition of an Academic Skills lab under the direction of our Academic Dean, Mrs. Ashleigh Bradley.  This lab is a free, on-campus resource for students who need assistance with planning, organization, self-monitoring, and time management.

Also new this year, students and teachers are enjoying the final 100-building renovations which included updating four remaining classrooms and three lab areas: the Cascone Center for Family & Consumer Sciences (room 132), the Larmoyeux Family Anatomy & Physiology lab (room 112), and the Morales Family Physics lab (room 111).  The locker pavilion space between the 500 and 600 buildings was transformed to include a new biology lab space and additional office space.  The last major project was the NJROTC multipurpose facility added near the café field. 

  This year’s students are part of a unique family like so many before them.  We will celebrate their chapter in our history, as we also look ambitiously to the future and challenge ourselves to continue to grow, lead, and serve. I wish you all a wonderful school year with much success and growth. Proudly remember that you belong to something special and your time will continue to shape the BK legacy. 

Tradition. Excellence. Faith.
The Spirit of a Crusader.

Todd Orlando Signature
Todd M. Orlando