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Start of School Change: August 19

Dear Parents and Students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year!  I pray that your family is blessed with good health, has a renewed passion for how we spend time with our loved ones, and that our students are ready to return to classroom learning.

Today we received confirmation of a NEW start date for the opening day of the 2020-2021 school year.   Please see the letter from our Superintendent of Schools, Deacon Scott Conway (linked here).  

Numerous adjustments have been implemented on campus so that we may return to a safe environment.

On June 29, 2020, the City of Jacksonville adopted a mandatory mask requirement for public and indoor locations and in other situations where individuals cannot socially distance.  Healthcare experts advise that masks and cloth face coverings may help slow the spread from individuals with COVID-19 to vulnerable populations, including from those who are asymptomatic. We continue to urge everyone to practice personal responsibility and do their part to help stop the spread of this virus.

With this mandate in mind, all students and employees are required to wear face masks while on campus, except during physical activities.  Student masks must be solid in color (black, white or gray) with no design or texture.  Masks are to be worn at all times during the school day, except when consuming food at breakfast or lunch times.  When we move (from one location to another), we mask.  Students should try to keep a safe social distance in all locations on campus, particularly during change of class.

Boys Ties – The requirement for ties will be deferred during the period of time that masks are required.

Further Bishop Kenny information will be forthcoming regarding the following topics:

  • Pickup of iPads
  • Pickup of Schedules
  • Purchasing E-resources
  • Purchasing Textbooks
  • Orientation Programs


The Florida High School Athletic Association has postponed the start of the fall sports season until  August 24th due to the Covid-19 pandemic .  During this delay, the Bishop Kenny athletic teams that are currently holding workouts will continue with these activities.  We will communicate updated tryout and practice schedules for the fall sports to all of our students once we have received further guidance from the FHSAA. 


Todd Orlando

BKHS Return to School Plan

Dear Bishop Kenny Family,

In accordance with the Diocese of Saint Augustine plan to open all schools beginning on August 10, I would like to share with you our plans to resume on-campus instruction while doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Understanding that there is inherent risk in returning from social distancing while in a pandemic, we understand that we are part of a societal decision that accepts balancing COVID-19 risk against the need for life to continue.

The attached document (click here) gives a synopsis of the protocols and procedures we will follow to promote a healthy school environment while providing the Catholic, college-preparatory education and faith-filled high school experience that is so highly valued by our families.

Our administration has worked diligently over the past few weeks in collaboration with the Office of the Superintendent to develop this plan, based on the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Florida Department of Health (DOH), the Florida Department of Education (DOE), the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), and the Florida Catholic Conference School Executive Committee and Accreditation Committee.  In developing this plan, our priorities are as follows:

  • Safety - Mitigating and slowing the growth of COVID-19 in the context of a return to work and schools. 
  • Presence - Keeping our school open daily, providing in-person instruction, student support services, as well as extra-curricular activities.
  • Growth - Maintaining an environment that allows our students to continue their academic progress and faith formation while incorporating digital skills and preparing for continuity of instruction should a shift to distance learning be necessary.

As we look forward to returning to campus in August, one of the most important school supplies this year will be a face mask.  Students must wear solid color or disposable face masks while on campus.  We will share further information regarding this policy when we send to you the 2020-2021 Parent-Student Handbook.

If your child or someone in your household has an underlying medical condition that would prevent the student from returning to campus in August, I ask that you contact the Office of School Counseling beginning the week of July 20 but no later than Monday, July 27.  We have developed a virtual learning option that will allow these students to continue their coursework while remaining active Bishop Kenny students.  Our school counseling office will be able to provide further details.

Please know that I keep each of you in my prayers and am looking forward to welcoming all our students back to school very soon!


Todd Orlando

Congratulations:  Father Clay Ludwig

Alumni Clay Ludwig, Class of 2011, was ordained Father Clay Ludwig on June 20, 2020. While acting as the unofficial chaplain his senior year on the Bishop Kenny football team,  it was then that Ludwig began listening to his inner voice saying, “ Maybe God is calling me to lead people for my entire life.” Ludwig was very active in all aspects of student life at BK, and felt that academics, athletics, and faith set him up for success.  Ludwig was also a member of the wrestling team, president of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, as well as Junior and Senior Class President.

However, the area that most influenced him while attending BK was the Chapel. Many students attend daily mass on the Bishop Kenny campus to spend a few quiet moments in the presence of Christ; but for Ludwig, this was where the seeds of faith were planted for him to answer the call to the priesthood.  “I loved my time at BK,” said Fr. Ludwig, “and there is no substitution for daily mass and the availability of the sacraments which was a true blessing for me.” 

Academics were a personal challenge for him because, while intelligent, he had difficulty verbalizing his thoughts due his stutter.  Even at a young age, Ludwig worked tirelessly to persevere, and he credits that his mental strength came from his mother, Suzy Ludwig. He recalled that his mother would tell him every day on the ride to school that he had important things to say and that people deserved to hear them, telling him, “Don’t let this stutter get in the way of you saying what you know you need to say.”  They would then say together, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 and God did not give you the spirit of fear but of power and love with a strong mind. 2 Timothy 3: 14.  Fr. Ludwig is now fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English, with multiple degrees proving that God is working through us as weak human vessels. 

Working with former Student Council President Bobby Yarborough, they were able to have a large white cross placed on the Bishop Kenny river front. He states that this was one of his proudest moments as a student. Its purpose was to be a symbol for anyone looking from downtown Jacksonville or from the river that we are a Christian property.  They were thankful for their education at Bishop Kenny and wanted to the class of 2011 to leave a dedicated mark for all future BK students, alumni, and guests.  

Ludwig graduated from BK in May 2011, and entered St. John Vianney College Seminary in February 2012.  He received his degree in Philosophy with a minor in Theology in 2015, and then attended the Pontifical North American College in Rome to continue his seminarian studies. Upon completion, Ludwig came back to the U.S. for his pastoral year, and eventually returned to Italy to begin studying at the Pontifical Gregorian University to complete his Bachelors of Sacred Theology degree.  He will be at St. Joseph Parish for two months, and will travel back to Rome to complete his license in Dogmatic Theology.   Fr. Ludwig is looking forward to being a full-time Diocesan priest, and in his words, “Bringing a continual joyful presence of the priesthood and bearing witness of Christ’s love for us to everyone.”


Photo credit goes to St. Augustine Catholic/Scott Smith