April Students of the Month: Clare Coyle and James Resar

April Students of the Month: Clare Coyle and James Resar

In the spirit of recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions to our community, Bishop Kenny High School is proud to spotlight our April Students of the Month. This month, we honor Clare Coyle and James Resar for their remarkable dedication, leadership, and excellence both inside and outside the classroom.

Clare Coyle is a shining example of excellence in academics, athletics, and service. As a standout athlete, Clare has left an indelible mark on Bishop Kenny's sports programs. She has showcased her talent and dedication on the varsity basketball court, where she excels as a forward, and she will continue to pursue her passion for basketball at Furman University. Reflecting on her journey and the next chapter at Furman University, Clare shares, "I am so excited and blessed to attend Furman, and so thankful that Bishop Kenny has provided me with the right tools to excel and grow in my faith in these next 4 years."

Not only a force on the basketball court, Clare has also made her mark on the track, where she competes in the 4x400 and 4x100 events. Her versatility extends to the pool, where she contributed to the swimming team during her senior year. Clare's commitment to excellence isn't confined to athletics; she is also a distinguished scholar, earning memberships in various honor societies and clubs.

James Resar embodies the spirit of determination and leadership both on and off the field. As the starting quarterback for our varsity football team, James has displayed exceptional talent, leading the team with skill and resilience. His hard work and dedication have earned him a commitment to play football at the University of Iowa, where he looks forward to facing top-tier talent week after week.

In addition to his prowess on the football field, James also shines on the track, competing in the 100m and 4x100 events. His commitment to excellence and sportsmanship is evident in every endeavor he undertakes. Reflecting on his future at the University of Iowa, James expresses his excitement, saying, "I am excited to play against some of the best talent in the country every week when I get to the University of Iowa."

As we celebrate Clare Coyle and James Resar as our April Students of the Month, we commend them for their outstanding achievements, leadership, and commitment to excellence. They are shining examples of the Bishop Kenny spirit, and we are proud to have them represent our school.