Midterm Exams Schedule

Preparing for Midterm Exams

In each class, the midterm exam serves as a summative assessment of the content and skills acquired during the first semester.  Each teacher provides a review guide and/or review materials to help students make final preparations in the days preceding midterm exams.  However, students are encouraged not to wait for the teacher’s review to begin preparations.

Good preparation includes:

  • Organizing notes and study materials from previous units
  • Restudying key concepts and/or vocabulary
  • In mathematics, completing additional practice problems from material covered in the first and second quarters

Midterm Exam Grading and Feedback

Impact of Midterm Exams on the Final Course Grade

The midterm exam in each course counts as 10% of the final course grade.  A student’s final course grade is calculated as follows:

  • Each quarter = 20% x 4 quarters = 80%
  • Midterm Exam = 10%
  • Final Exam = 10%

Midterm Feedback

Upon return from Christmas Break, teachers will begin each class by allowing students to review their exam results and receive overall feedback on the exam.  This is an excellent opportunity for each student to reflect on his/her progress and set goals for improvement in the second semester.

Please note: Midterm Exam grades are not released until the feedback occurs in class in January.

Additional Information

Bus Program Parents: The Midterm Bus Schedule will be posted here soon!

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