Bishop Kenny High School is committed to supporting the needs of diverse learners, both in the classroom and at home.

A range of features designed by Apple provide resources for students with unique learning needs to use the iPad as assistive technology.  The iPad Accessibility Features are as follows:

  • Vision: To support a student who is blind or has low vision
  • Hearing: To support a student who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • Mobility: To support a student with motor skills deficits
  • Learning: To support a student with reading skills or attentive challenges

Accessibility Features Include:

  • Reading Support: Speak Screen; Speak Selection; Typing Feedback; Predictive Text; Speech Controller
  • Safari Reader: reduces visual clutter; provides auditory reinforcement
  • Dictionary: definitions; commonly used phrases; spelling, pronunciation, and grammar
  • Guided Access: set time limits and usage for apps
  • Screen Time: student/parent device management; Activity Reports for time management
  • Speech: Speak Selection for speech development; speaks words as you read
  • Siri: Helps with daily tasks; reminders; send simple commands