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How to Set Up Apple Pages in MLA Format and Submit on Schoology
Jennifer Whitford & Paul DiGeorgio, Ph.D.


Using Apple Pages for MLA:

Click on the Pages icon

Choose Create Document

Choose Blank Document (do not use the templates as they have preset formatting that you will struggle to fix for MLA)


Page Numbers and Margins

Click on the three dots in the circle at the top right hand corner to open the document set up.

Scroll and find Document Set Up

Scroll and choose More Options

Don’t touch the orange arrows.  Your margins do not need adjusting as they default to 1 inch. 



Touch this box


Touch the skinny rectangle box at the top and WAIT for Page Numbers to pop up.

Touch page numbers

Choose the number one (first option) - Never type the page number!

Go in front of the number and type your last name and one space.

Select all – your last name and the page number

Click on the paintbrush

Choose FONT – scroll to Times New Roman

Be sure it is Size 12 font

Exit out by hitting DONE at the top left corner



Touch your document to make it active.  You will see the blue cursor blinking and your last name/page number will appear in the top right hand corner.



Click on the paint brush

Click on the Font name and change to Times New Roman.

Click on the Font size and change to 12

Keep scrolling and adjust the Line Spacing and change the line spacing to 2

Click back on your document to begin.


MLA Heading 

Type your first name last name / return

Type your teacher name / return

Your document should be double spacing automatically – if not, see instructions above

Type your course/class – e.g. English 3 C Mod / return

Type the date (day, month, year) the assignment is due: e.g. 20 March 2020 / return



Use the hamburger bun looking icon on the top right of your keyboard to choose center spacing

Type your heading / return

No italics, underlining or bold used in the title

Take off the centering and align left.

Click on the orange BLANK and change the name of your document to match the title of your essay



To indent, click the arrow key on the top left of your keyboard; click it again after it opens.

No extra spaces needed between paragraphs.  Be sure paragraphs are indented

Be sure your page numbers are changing as you reach page 2.  If not, repeat steps above for page number.


Works Cited

Use the centering tool to create a title of Works Cited.  It should be at the very top of the last page of your essay.

Works Cited information should be alphabetized (ignoring the words A, An, and The in Titles)

The second and subsequent lines of your works cited page entries are indented using the arrow.


Submitting the Document back to Schoology

To send your document to Schoology, click on the three dot circle, choose EXPORT, choose PDF, choose Schoology and submit to assignment.

DO NOT CHOOSE SHARE – it will send as a Pages document which teachers cannot open!


If you have any questions, send us an email at bkwritinglab@bishopkennyhs.org!


Image Credit: Formatting by Danil Polshin from the Noun Project


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