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How to Submit a Paper to Turnitin
Paul DiGeorgio, Ph.D.


1. Using the word processor of your choice (Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, etc) convert your paper to the PDF file format. 

2. Save this PDF to your iPad. Take note of which folder you saved the PDF in, since you'll need to be able to find it in a few minutes to upload to Turnitin.

2. Open Schoology on a browser (Chrome or Safari). You can also log in to Turnitin.com directly using your Bishop Kenny gmail account.

3. Once you are logged in to Schoology or Turnitin.com, navigate to the paper assignment link.

4. Tap "upload". Do not select cloud submission

5. Tap "my files." If you do not see your file, tap recent on the bottom and locations to select "On Your iPad."

6. Select your paper.

Notes: Turnitin will not allow you to resubmit a paper once the deadline passes. This is why proofreading is so important - do not proofread your paper only after it's submitted! Turnitin will only allow submissions after the deadline in situations where nothing has yet been submitted. 

If you have any questions, send us an email at bkwritinglab@bishopkennyhs.org!


Image Credit: Computer by Wilson Joseph from the Noun Project

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