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MLA Works Cited vs. MLA Bibliography
Paul DiGeorgio, Ph.D.


Did you know that there are significant differences between an MLA Works Cited Page and an MLA Bibliography? 

A Works Cited page is an alphabetized list of sources that are cited, directly or indirectly (i.e. paraphrased), in an essay or paper. Every entry on the Works Cited page should correspond to at least one specific citation in the paper. If a source is not cited in the paper then it should not appear on the Works Cited page.

A Bibliography is an alphabetized list of sources that were consulted—but not necessarily cited—in the composition of an essay or paper. Therefore a bibliography is most appropriate for more in-depth research projects that are completed over a longer term. A comprehensive Bibliography, which follows the same MLA formatting as a Works Cited page, is a means to ensure that your work is academically honest. It should be noted that using a Bibliography does not mean that proper citation is unimportant in the paper.


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