State University System Admissions

SUS Minimum Admission RequirementsA first-time-in-college student may be admitted if he/she has a high school GPA of 2.5 - 2.99 on a 4.00 scale as calculated by the university. Course work from which a student has withdrawn with passing grades will not be included in the calculation. 

In addition to achieving the minimum GPA, a student must achieve the minimum scores for each SAT or ACT section as outlined below: 
SAT - Critical Reading >= 460 or ACT - Reading >= 19, 
SAT - Mathematics >= 460 or ACT - Mathematics >= 19.

Students with a 3.0 or higher GPA must take the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with the Writing Option; however, there is no specified minimum.

Please remember that four (4) credits of mathematics (Algebra 1 or higher) are required among the 18 specified credits for SUS admissions.

Students are reminded that these standards are System minimums. Universities may establish higher standards based on their university's mission. Additionally, the class admitted may have a higher average of GPA and test scores due to the rising numbers of applicants and space limitations.

Further information regarding First Time in College Students and admission to the State University System can be found at the State University System of Florida BOG website.

SUS Counselor GuideThis guide includes information on each of Florida's 12 state universities, as well as a matrix (pages 12-13) that shows the range of GPAs and test scores for the middle 50% of the most recent freshman class admitted.

Access the SUS Guide