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Paper.co Online Tutoring Service

With a special one-year grant opportunity, we have been awarded funding to offer Paper, an online 24/7 tutoring service that will be made available to all students at no additional cost for this school year only (2022-2023).

Through this program, students will be able to initiate a chat conversation with qualified and trained tutors in academic subjects to receive assistance and guidance as they complete assignments, study for assessments, and review essential concepts in each course of study.  Students can upload written assignments to receive feedback from a tutor prior to submitting the final work.  This program is offered in addition to the help and support already offered by classroom teachers; furthermore, teachers will be able to monitor all communication between online tutors and students, as well as communicate directly with tutors. 

Students: login to the Paper service by clicking the icon below.  Then, select "Sign-in with email or SSO instead," then click to login with your BKHS Google Account.


On-Campus Support Labs

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