Faith Formation

Click on the video below to learn about faith in action at Bishop Kenny:

Students are encouraged to become involved in the activities of the Campus Ministry program. Throughout the year, we offer the following opportunities for student faith formation.  

Advent and Lent Penance Services 

On the very night of his resurrection, Jesus gave the Church the wonderful sacrament of reconciliation, when he bestowed on the apostles the power to lose and bind sin. We are blessed to have a full-time priest chaplain on Campus each day. Confession is available at any time upon request, as well on Fridays during lunch mods. Additionally, penance services are available each fall and spring during the Liturgical Seasons of Advent and Lent whenever possible. Diocesan and religious priests from the greater Jacksonville area come to Assumption Catholic Church to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation with our students and faculty. Families are encouraged to encounter Christ in the Sacraments, especially Eucharist and Reconciliation, celebrated in their own parishes. 

Extraordinary Ministers

During the spring of their junior year, students are invited to apply to become Special Ministers of Communion. Once installed, these seniors assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at school Masses and other Liturgies celebrated throughout the school year.
Our extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion also serve the school community through a variety of peer ministry programs and services. 

Application packets are available by contacting a member of the Campus Ministry department during the second semester of the academic year.  Candidates will receive a blessed medallion and Certificate of Installation signed by the Ordinary.


The March for Life

"The March for Life is a peaceful , prayerful, protest of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States of America. Ever since that day, nearly 60,000,000 infants have been killed by abortion. Thousands of citizens, especially youth, will march to the capital building while praying, chanting, and meeting other pro-life individuals.

 All are encouraged to be mindful that the journey to Washington is first and foremost a ‘Pilgrimage’ on behalf of the sanctity of human life.

 A pilgrimage is a form of prayer.  It is NOT “spiritual tourism” where we visit a lot of Holy Places and have Holy Experiences.  It is rather Journey of Faith which mirrors our lifelong journey of faith back to the Father’s House.  The ultimate goal of a pilgrimage is to deepen our faith, which must remain the focus- not only of each individual but also of the whole group".

 Watch our students on the 2016 pilgrimage HERE.  

Senior Pilgrimage to Mission Nombre de Dios:

We are richly blessed to have the sacred grounds of Mission Nombre de Dios and Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche Y Buen Parto located in our diocese. The mission grounds is the very site where the first Mass was celebrated in Saint Augustine and the location of the first Marian Shrine in North America. 

In August 2014, The Most Reverend Felipe J. Estevez S.T.D, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, encouraged priests and deacons to lead the faithful to pilgrimage to the historic sites located in the Diocese. In response to his request the graduating class of 2015 began a new tradition. Each May, the graduating class travels by bus to visit the Mission Nombre de Dios and Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche Y Buen Parto. This retreat day includes a guided visit to the Diocesan Museum, tour the mission grounds and the celebration of holy Mass. Upon return to campus, seniors gather for lunch and socialize. 

Spiritual Conferences

Each quarter every grade has the opportunity to attend a spiritual conference. The spiritual conferences consist of a speaker or group of speakers who are active in the Catholic Church.  They share their experience and wisdom with the students in a reflective environment. Examples of past speakers have been: Members of the Cenacola communityMissionaries of the PoorServant Sister of the Home of the Mother, campus ministers from college campuses, speakers on the theology of the body, seminarians, and many others. This is a rich experience for students to step outside the classroom and learn how to apply the Catholic faith to their everyday life.


Kairos (God’s Time)

Kairos is a nationwide Catholic retreat for high school students. The focus of the weekend long retreat is to allow students to have a personal experience of God  through getting to know their peers better. The retreat is set at a beautiful location, includes delicious food, reflection, adoration, confession, Mass, and is led by junior and senior students.  Each year Bishop Kenny has a fall and spring retreat open to 45 juniors and seniors.

The Calling

The Calling is a biannual retreat open to any interested freshman. The day long retreat at Bishop Kenny focuses on listening for what God’s call on their life is, how to respond to that call and how to use prayer to make healthy decisions. The retreat also focuses on getting to know their peers in an authentic and genuine way. The retreat is led by a team of BK seniors and faculty.

School Mass

Once a month all Bishop Kenny students and faculty have the opportunity to attend mass together. These beautiful masses feature the voices of our Bishop Kenny chorus. School-wide masses rely on the service of the Eucharistic ministers, and student readers/altar servers. Although there are over 1,300 students in the gym during these services, they are always reverent and respectful.

Altar Servers and Lectors

Students desiring to exercise  ministry as lectors or altar servers are encouraged to submit an application available through Campus Ministry.  See Mrs. Cabrey for details and scheduling.