BKHS Theatre

BKHS Theater, 2023 Spring Production Alice in Wonderland

Theatre transports an audience from their daily routines into worlds of imagination, of provocation and of laughter.  Theatre instills confidence and supports academic endeavors for students as well as challenging them to collaborate as cast members and as stage crew to create the magic that suspends disbelief in service of the story and of their audience.  Our meetings are embedded into rehearsals after school as we prepare for each production during which we plan for upcoming events and learn theatre games which enhance our skills as performers, technicians, and quite simply, as human beings. 

Meetings: as called
Enrollments Deadline: September
Qualifications: Open to all students interested in drama/theatre.
Contact sponsor: Jeanie Wilks           

2023 Spring Production

Artwork by: Sophia Nunez -Salinas '25

Bishop Kenny Theatre Troupe invites you on a journey through Wonderland this spring:
Alice in Wonderland
by Eva Le Gallienne and Florida Friebus
Adapted from Lewis Carroll

March 24, 2023
7 p.m.

March 25, 2023
2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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Mikaela Georgi

Mad Hatter / Tweedle Dum
Mary Smith

Cecilia Adkison

Cheshire Cat / White Queen
Amina Tamayo

White Rabbit / Tweedle Dee
Casey MacLeod

March Hare / Humpty Dumpty
Anabel Macchi

Gabrielle Gibson

Duchess / Red Queen
Giovanna Bettega-Feitoza

Queen of Hearts
Emily Malzahn

Knave of Hearts
Hannah Riederer

King of Hearts
Alex Yalch

Mary Claire Stinneford

Megan Matthews

Mock Turtle
Maura Madigan

Melanie Staples

Olivia Lacy

Two, Five, Seven of Spades
Karla Flores
Sophia Carman
Jacquelyn Jones  

Wahib Alfarah

White Knight
Grace Schwinn

Eaglet / Train Guard
Ellie Kirsch

Frog Footman / Gentleman dressed in white
Victoria Anderson

Fish Footman / Lorrie
Jackson Dew

Crab / Goat
James Morris

Cards, Marionettes, Ensemble
Kyla Lynch
Julie Sanam
Wesley Stevens

The Sound Man
Aaron Raisner