Multimedia Arts: CrusaderVision

CrusaderVision provides live broadcast experience for the BK community through the production of events both on and off campus. These broadcasts are streamed on the internet and preserved for on-demand viewing. During meetings, members plan and prepare the necessary equipment and personnel to produce scheduled broadcasts. Through hands-on experience, members of CrusaderVision will learn the necessary skills to produce and run a quality broadcast. Members of the club are required to attend all meetings, pay $30 dues, and participate in a minimum of two broadcasts per semester to maintain membership.

Meetings: Once a month

Qualifications: Any interested student

Enrollment Deadline: Open

Leadership Opportunities: President – responsible for all broadcast preparation, planning and implementation; Vice President – staffing, attendance and equipment records; Secretary – announcements and posts to Canvas concerning meetings and broadcasts; Treasurer – collects dues and reports club finances; Chaplain – responsible for opening and closing meetings/broadcasts with prayer.

Sponsor Contact: D. Husky