Newspaper: The Shield

The Shield is Bishop Kenny’s student-produced newspaper. Under faculty supervision, students write articles, columns and editorials, take photographs, arrange the layout. We produce 4 per year.
Meetings: During class and outside of class as scheduled.  The student is expected to work outside of designated class time to conduct interviews, complete the layout, attend workshops or participate in other newspaper related activities.
Qualifications: Journalism 1 Newspaper – Interested students with a grade of 75 or higher in English 2; Journalism 2 Newspaper – Consent of the instructor
Enrollment Deadline: At the time of course selection in the spring
Leadership Opportunities: Journalism 2 Newspaper gives students an opportunity to act in a position of authority. From this group, the editor-in-chief, managing editor, section editors, and business manager are selected. 
Contact Sponsor: J. Durbin