About Crusader Girls Cross Country

The Girls Cross Country team promotes a positive team atmosphere that focuses on creating and maintaining a love of running. The team’s focus is setting and achieving their personal and team goals one step at a time. The girls are constantly challenging themselves. 

The team is a family. A family that supports and celebrates one another whether it is on the course or off. They will bond over running through a variety of environments and elements. They maintain their strong traditions to the past teams as well as form their new traditions while looking forward to carrying on a tradition of excellence. 

"Running is a great lesson in patience and determination. It gives one the chance to set and achieve personal goals. This lesson can be blended into all aspects of life. Cross country gives the runner a chance to create those goals and learn lessons with a family. It gives the runner a support group that is there cheering them on every step of the way. "
-Jackie Hardin, Head Coach