Competitive Cheer

About Competitive Cheer

The Bishop Kenny High School cheerleading program has both a sideline and a competitive cheerleading team. The sideline cheerleaders encourage and support the school’s athletic teams while promoting school spirit.  The competitive cheerleading team executes choreographed 2 minute and 30 second routines consisting of a cheer, high energy dance, jump sequence, pyramids, and elite stunting. Cheerleaders exist to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and enthusiastic spirit and our competitive cheer team athletes in particular must be disciplined and focused with a rigorous and demanding pursuit of athletic commitment. We strive to develop character, self-esteem, self-discipline, and Catholic identity, plus loyalty to their teammates, school, and community, all while promoting superior academic and athletic standards. BK Cheerleaders are prepared, show up, and work hard at practices; they are representatives of their school, the coaches, and the cheerleading program. 

“God grant us the insight to see the potential in every cheerleader, the patience to encourage improvement, and character to always set a winning example. Let us be coaches who teach, motivate, and inspire athletes to believe in their ability so that they will achieve beyond expectations. May the long and hard practices make our cheerleaders fighters that never quit or give up. Guide us to help those we coach always see you in our life and be brought closer to you through us.”  
-Jennifer Richardson and Amanda Centorrino, Head Coaches